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Supreme Court Hears Arguments On Case Involving Donor Limits To Political Campaigns
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In the case widely regarded as the sequel to the Citizens United campaign finance case, the Supreme Court has struck down the aggregate limit on what an individual can give in donations in a given an election cycle. Also, New York drops out of InBloom, the Gates Foundation’s $100 million effort at collecting student data, leaving it with no known customers. Since launching, seven states have dropped out.  Apparently, parents aren’t as eager as gates assumed  to have their kids data-mined at schools. Plus: We remember – briefly – Charles Keating, because he was one of the best-known faces of the S&L crisis of the late 80’s and early 90’s, in which 1,000 banks collapsed.

Warren Buffett's advice: Tweet cats

You should watch this video.
Posted In: Warren Buffett, cats

Supreme Court opens gates for political money

Many expect Wednesday's ruling to mean an overall increase in how much money goes into politics.
Posted In: Supreme Court, campaign finance

Keating's legacy, from John McCain to a camp classic

Remembering Charles Keating, a well-known face of the 80s-90s S&L crisis.
Posted In: Charles Keating, Alan Greenspan, John McCain
Microsoft''s Bill Gates Speaks At A Miami High School

An uncertain future for big data in education

New York drops out of inBloom, a Gates Foundation-backed effort to store data.
Posted In: Gates Foundation, inBloom, big data
General Motors CEO Mary Barra

What GM's mea culpa could mean for the brand

GM's CEO Mary Barra spent another day on Capitol Hill.
Posted In: GM, Mary Barra, recalls
Ryanair plane flies in front of a rainbow

It might not lead to a pot of gold, but it could

Marketplace Datebook for Thursday, April 3, 2014

The science of food and sound

Why businesses are interested in 'neurogastronomy'
Posted In: obesity, Food

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