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Barack Obama, Henry Louis Gates Jr and Sergeant James Crowley toast
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Whether banks have posted profits or losses this quarter, the data suggests that people are getting better at paying back their loans. Dan Bobkoff looks at what’s led to the overall improvement in creditworthiness for consumers. Then, the White House hosts a summit of deans from top biz schools today to talk about educating the leaders of the future. The event is in the lead-up to, you guessed it, another summit in June, that one about Working Families. We ask what comes of these confabs, and what real utility they provide. Plus, former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg is committing $50 million to creating an anti-gun voting operation. This is on top of $50 million to fight coal-burning plants, $53 million to fight overfishing of oceans, $50 million for women’s reproductive rights. What does $50 million buy?

How to make a White House Summit more than a photo op

The White House hosts summits on everything from healthy foods to diversity in technology. But what's the real utility of these gatherings?
Posted In: white house, President Obama, summit

Producers try to keep fish sticks from going under water

Kids aren't eating them, and neither is Kai.
Posted In: fish, frozen food
Bank Of America

Bank earnings show: Americans got better at paying off debts

What’s led to the overall improvement in creditworthiness for consumers.
Posted In: Banks, JPMorgan Chase
Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg sets $50 million towards greater gun control

Bloomberg: 'Here's $50 million for gun control'

Michael Bloomberg is committing $50 million to create an anti-gun voting operation. What does $50 million buy?
Posted In: Michael Bloomberg, donations

Backlash over Crimea hits Russian economy

Growth has slowed and could drop to zero within months, Russian politicians admit.
Posted In: Crimea, Russia

Pattern making: A stitch in time?

A look at how one pattern maker in Chicago thinks about her profession.
Posted In: clothing, Small Business

Finding a battery that will power the future

Batteries are hard to develop because they live in the world of material science.
Posted In: batteries, tesla, Elon Musk
Pecan pie

Pass the pecans

Marketplace Datebook for Thursday, April 17, 2014
National Geographic Cover

What happens when there are 9 billion mouths to feed

This month's National Geographic explores why 2 billion extra mouths could mean disaster.
Call of Duty Tournament

Professional video gamers earn lots of real life dollars

Top "Halo" and "Call of Duty" players bring in sponsors and crowds.
Posted In: Youth Radio, video games

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