Marketplace for Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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Marketplace for Wednesday, April 15, 2009

India's Dalits seek economic equality

Some Indians are hoping a politician named Mayawati will be elected their prime minister. As a Dalit -- the lowest of Indian castes -- her rise may give others hope. But most people of that social level are still struggling. Rico Gagliano reports.

Bank policy of necessity or calculation?

With Goldman Sachs joining the ranks of banks that want to return their TARP funds, some are wondering if the Obama administration's banking policy is working. Commentator David Frum says it depends on which policy you're talking about.

The unfulfilled promise of Youngstown

Six months ago people in Youngstown, Ohio, were abuzz about the Chevy Cruze being built in a nearby plant. Marketplace's Amy Scott checks in to see how residents are coping now that GM is near bankruptcy and the unemployment rate is nearing 14%.

Treasury's spent $124 billion on . . .

The Federal Reserve has been buying mortgage-backed securities, driving mortgage rates to historic lows. But the U.S. Treasury has been doing the same thing, and nobody's seemed to notice. Steve Henn reports.

United to charge more for wide bodies

Obese passengers who can't fit into their assigned seats on United Airlines flights will now be required to buy a second ticket -- even if there's an open seat. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Higher hotel taxes may come with aloha

Facing a $2 billion shortfall in revenue, Hawaii is mulling an increased tax on hotel bills. But that might not be a good thing for the state's tourism business. Jennifer Collins reports.

Benefits seen in stress test findings

Federal regulators have been reticent to release results from stress tests given to big banks, but now they plan to release certain details. What's the benefit of making those details public? Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

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