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As much contention as there is in Washington, President Obama’s proposed budget actually has some policies in common with proposals from the Senate and the House. Meanwhile, commentator Robert Reich says that, when it comes to reforming Social Security, the president must change his approach. Facebook ads will soon get even more personal. And we hear about the most powerful currency in the world right now -- the bitcoin.

Bitcoin: Digital coin of the realm in Internet age

Digital currency Bitcoin has grown sensationally, with 11 million Bitcoins worth nearly $2 billion in circulation. It's the ultimate Internet-age currency: Bitcoin circulates only online, trades anonymously and isn't regulated by any government.
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A little alchemy to save the global economy

In Neil Irwin's new book, "The Alchemists," central bankers conjure magic to bolster their economies after the financial crisis of 2008.
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From a toy store in Cleveland, the Main Street view of the federal budget

Toy store owner Steve Presser is optimistic about Congressional budget negotiations, but worries there won't be enough support for small business.
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Facebook's new data combo platter

The social network is looking to sell more ads by combing what it knows about you with information from the outside.
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So we've got three budgets, but is there any overlap?

Obama adds his budget to competing plans from the House and Senate. Is there any Venn diagram overlap?
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Immigration reform worries E-Verify critics

The system continues to thwart some eligible workers at a time lawmakers mull expanding it.
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China uneasy with North Korea's threats

A steady drumbeat of threats from North Korea is making the world's second largest economy assess China's relationship with its neighbor.
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'Chained CPI' hurts seniors

Obama's proposal to recalculate the rate of inflation hurts seniors who spend more on health care than the rest of us.
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Obama chooses between cigarettes, soda and booze

In his budget, the president chose to tax one sin more than others.
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