Marketplace for Tuesday September 2, 2014

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Jennifer Lawrence
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Dollar General has upped its bid for Family Dollar, but that doesn’t mean Family Dollar will say yes. Observers are now expecting Dollar General to turn this from a friendly bid into a hostile takeover. We explain what going hostile really means. Plus, the former House Majority Leader is joining the banking industry, providing “strategic counsel” to an investment bank’s corporate and institutional clients. But what does he brings to the job? And after, we look at the delightfully snarky website that brought you – indirectly, because you almost certainly don’t visit 4Chan – the nude photos of actresses and celebrity models.

Forget ketchup. How about foie gras mousse?

Chicago restaurants elevate hot dogs to gourmet status.
Posted In: Chicago, hot dogs, food and drink, restaurants
Eric Cantor

What a House majority leader brings to banking

Eric Cantor will be paid more than $3 million a year by an investment bank.
Posted In: banking, Eric Cantor, Congress
Angelo R. Mozilo

Angelo Mozilo really doesn't get it

Angelo Mozilo wants to know why people still think he's a villain.
Posted In: Lehman Brothers, financial crisis, Countrywide

What is 4chan?

4chan is an anarchic website where anonymity plays out in several directions.
Posted In: website, celebrity
Dollar General

What would it mean if Dollar General went 'hostile'?

Dollar General ups its bid for Family Dollar, but that doesn’t mean shareholders will say yes.
Posted In: family dollar, dollar general, Mergers and Acquisitions

Commerce Sec. Penny Pritzker on our export economy

Host Kai Ryssdal crunches the numbers with Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker.
Posted In: Jobs, export-import bank, immigration reform, Commerce Department

Narendra Modi's 100th day as prime minister

Kai Ryssdal talks to Sruthijith KK, editor of Quartz India.
Posted In: India, international business

German vocational training could be coming to the U.S.

Manufacturing states like North Carolina hope to create similar apprenticeship programs.
Posted In: North Carolina, vocational training, Germany, manufacturing

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