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Mitt Romney said almost half of Americans don't pay federal income taxes. We look at the numbers behind his remarks. Plus, under health care reform, Medicaid stands to get a whole lot bigger when millions of poor people are added to the docket. So when the feds offer states money to cover the expansion, taking it seems like a no-brainer, right? Not so much. We tell you why at least five governors are saying thanks, but no thanks. We explore why oil prices plummeted yesterday and a Ford executive talks about marketing cars to today's youth.

Chicago teachers end strike

The teacher's union in Chicago has decided to suspend the strike that's kept 350,000 kids out of school the past seven days.
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Ford executive on marketing to today's youth

Mark Fields is one of several Ford executives cruising through American cities today in a 2013 Ford Fusion hybrid. He takes Kai for a spin to talk about the youth market, social media, and Ford's future.
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The 47% who don't pay federal income tax include middle class, poor, retirees

Mitt Romney wasn't wrong when he said almost half of Americans don't pay federal income taxes. Some of those people are retired, some are poor. Another big reason why some don't pay? Tax cuts.
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Pennsylvania high court sends back voter ID law

Lower court must prove that the law does not disenfranchise poor and minority voters -- or it will be struck down
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Alabama on the fence about taking money for Medicaid

Alabama joins a slew of lawmakers who are ambivalent about taking funds from the Fed to cover the millions more people who will become eligible for Medicaid under Obamacare.
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Oil prices slide, and the search for an explanation is on

When oil prices fell sharply, the search for an explanation became almost as big a story as the slide itself. Unexplained fluctuations in markets have begun to reveal the anxiety left behind by 2008's financial crisis.
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Income tax or not, we can never fully avoid the tax bite

From levies on utilities to purchases, the tax man is with us every step of our day.
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Mining school alums blast Harvard-ians in yearly pay

Last year, Harvard graduates made less money per year than alumni from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology -- which costs about four times less than Harvard to attend.
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