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Free? Illegal? ... What's the difference?

Free doesn't always mean legal when you're downloading music. And critics say the recording industry's muddying the waters its spent years in court trying to clear up. Bob Moon reports.
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So nice of you to write

We've got your comments and clarifications on library fines, two-year colleges, financial affirmative action, and virtual offices.

London gives rich foreigners a break

London has more foreign billionaires than anyplace else in the world. Why? Because they pay less in taxes than they would in other large, developed countries. But that tax break is fostering resentment among less-affluent Brits. Stephen Beard reports.
Posted In: Taxes

Time to adjust the 'China Price'

Not too long ago, there was talk about the "China Price" -- multinational firms shifting production to countries with lax laws and few regulations, where costs were lower. Commentator and economist Arthur Kroeber says now there should be a real price to pay.
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Making MySpace into ad space owner News Corp says it will unveil technology this week that allows it to mine all the information its members reveal about themselves and target ads to their interests. Lisa Napoli reports.

Mukasey, a subprime-lender defender

Michael Mukasey, the president's nominee for attorney general, has been in a private law practice the last year where he helped pick up new clients needing white-collar criminal defense -- such as subprime lenders who might have run afoul of the law. Steve Henn reports.
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At these rates, what's next?

It was no surprise that the Federal Reserve cut interest rates today. But what really caught people unawares was what rates it cut -- and by how much. Amy Scott reports.
Posted In: Economy, Housing, Wall Street

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