Marketplace for Tuesday, September 17, 2013

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The secret of Gap success as the best-performing public apparel company this year; why Janet Yellen wasn't first choice for Fed Chair; and a popular backlash as Super Bowl ticket prices reach nosebleed heights.

Flooded with Fed money, but no inflation in sight

The Federal Reserve has printed and pumped trillions of dollars into the banking system to keep long-term interest rates low. Why hasn't the flood caused prices to rise?
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7.6%: What China's slowdown feels like

China's economy is starting to slow down. While 7.6 percent GDP growth sounds great to us, the average Chinese citizen is already feeling the sting.
Posted In: China

GM tries to build the Holy Grail of electric cars

General Motors says it's working on an electric car that hits a sweet spot: a range of 200 miles and a friendly price tag.
Posted In: electric cars

Is a future for a comfortable middle class just science fiction?

A practitioner of the dismal science and a writer of dystopian sci-fi have competing takes on the survival of the middle class.
Posted In: median income, middle class

Super Bowl tickets hit nosebleed heights

The NFL has a simple strategy for making more money and competing with secondary ticket brokers at the same time: jack up prices.
Posted In: Super Bowl

Why isn't Yellen a shoo-in?

She’s had a distinguished career at the Fed and earned the respect of Nobel Prize winners. So why hasn't she been at the top of the White House's list all along?
Posted In: chairman of the federal reserve, Janet Yellen, Federal Reserve

Is the Gap back?

The Gap is the best performing apparel chain this year. Its stores have notched gains for six straight quarters, and it’s found a way to get people talking again about its clothes.
Posted In: Gap, Retail

Men get to talk turkey, courtesy of Butterball

Every year, tens of thousands of Americans call in to a toll-free number to get help in cooking holiday dinners. In the past, all of the turkey experts have been women. Not anymore.
Posted In: Thanksgiving, turkeys, Butterball

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