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World Trade Center developers have brought a lawsuit against United and American Airlines for not doing enough to prevent the September 11th attacks. The IRS awarded $104 million awarded to a banker who blew the whistle on his company, but was also convicted of being part of the conspiracy. There are signs that the luxury goods sector is finally being affected by a weak economy. A North Carolina community college is training students so that they are qualified for manufacturing jobs requiring new skills. And Sarah Gardner talks to journalist Bob Woodward about his new book “The Price of Politics,” which examines the 2011 debt ceiling crisis.

IRS pays $104 million to whistleblower

The IRS richly rewarded a former UBS banker for exposing the Swiss bank's scheme to help Americans avoid taxes through offshore accounts.
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Bob Woodward on America heading for a fiscal cliff

Bob Woodward has been writing about politics and power since the '70s when he and Carl Bernstein broke the Watergate story. His latest book takes the reader inside the Obama White House during last summer's debt ceiling crisis.
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What's Up Europe? Smiles in Brussels

In Brussels, people are smiling over a new bailout plan to save the euro. Meanwhile in Greece, summer sun and good food are taking the edge off harsh reality.
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Massachusetts and the high price of health care

Six years after sweeping health care reform, Massachusetts is still struggling to lower the cost of care.
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Training for new manufacturing skill requirements

North Carolina community colleges work with local companies on which job skills to teach students.
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Burberry profit warning signals luxury sales slide

Weeks of flat store sales at the high-end British clothier could be a sign that China's economic slowdown and Europe's debt crisis are ending a nearly three-year boom in demand for luxury goods.
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In end, lawsuit over property could assign 9/11 blame

Because of an insurance dispute, after all these years, a jury may take on the question of whether airlines' poor security was responsible for the World Trade Center disaster.
Posted In: airport, security, september 11, world trade center

Royal Caribbean introduces a Barbie cruise

You can get a Barbie-decorated stateroom, tea parties, fashion shows and more.
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