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They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree -- but that's for the judge to decide, now that JP Morgan Chase is being sued for Bear Stearns' bad behavior. We chat with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for a breakdown on the lawsuit the state's filed against Chase. Meanwhile, Nissan is revving up its Datsun brand in emerging countries like Indonesia and India. The cars are $3,000 a pop and among the cheapest in the world -- but is it true that you get what you pay for? Plus, we go wild with the founders of Banana Republic and ask what it really means to be energy independent. 

JP Morgan may pay for Bear's alleged sins

The New York state lawsuit against JP Morgan Chase centers on alleged Bear Stearns misdeeds well before the investment bank was sold.
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New York AG on Bear Stearns mortgage bonds: "flamboyant fraud"

As part of a state-federal investigation, the Attorney General of New York is suing JP Morgan over big losses from mortgage-back securities. The bonds originated with Bear Stearns, which JP Morgan bought in 2008.
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No NHL? Russia and ESPN got your back

If you're missing your hockey fix ESPN has signed a deal to show hockey... from Russia. Plus, be sure to join Marketplace for live coverage of the first presidential debate tomorrow night.
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Banana Republic founder: "I wish they'd changed the name"

Despite its preppy image, Banana Republic began as a purveyor of modified military surplus and safari wear. The company's founders, Mel and Patricia Ziegler, had no business experience, but turned a small shop into a big brand.
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Media mogul Barry Diller takes on the publishing world

IAC/InterActiveCorp CEO Barry Diller discusses his new publishing venture, risk taking and why he's against big media corporations.
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What a $3,000 car looks, feels and drives like

The new Datsun will be sold in emerging countries like India, where it will be the first car for many buyers. It will not be as safe or as environmentally clean as cars in the U.S.
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Energy independence? For the U.S., it's a pipe dream

The U.S. can become less dependent on foreign oil, but it's still a part of the global oil market --and that means no insulation from oil price shocks.
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