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A government shutdown began at midnight, and while furloughed government workers will feel the effect of a government shutdown right away in their paychecks, what will be the signs that the shutdown is making a difference in the broader economy? Plus, we look at why investors seem to be tuning out the political impasse in Washington, and when they might start to care. Today's also the first day that many Americans can begin enrolling in health care exchanges as part of Obamacare. Computer glitches have many annoyed, but what was the day like on the inside?

Obamacare website glitches: Foreshadowing future issues?

Technical problems were to be expected on opening day of the health care exchanges. But if they don't end soon, it could mean problems for Obamacare.
Posted In: Obamacare, Affordable Care Act, insurance exchanges

What's it like to be "non-essential"

On any other day, Joe James would be working as a microbiologist with the EPA. But, after the government shutdown, he's not sure when he'll be back to work.
Posted In: government shutdown 2013, furlough, EPA

Wall Street asks: 'What shutdown?'

Investors seem to be tuning out the political impasse in Washington, at least so far.
Posted In: Wall Street, investment banks, government shutdown 2013

Best YouTube videos finally get an awards show

What does having a live awards show do for your business?
Posted In: Youtube mp3, YouTube, Lady Gaga, awards

You think the U.S. government is a mess? Check out Italy

The Italian government is in turmoil again, and that could damage the fragile European recovery.
Posted In: italy, Berlusconi, Silvio Berlusconi, government shutdown 2013

What's the price of the shutdown?

Closed national parks. Non-essential government services ground to a halt. And the shutdown will cut into GDP.
Posted In: national parks, furlough, government shutdown 2013

The rise of the small insurer

Several of the largest health insurers are sitting out Obamacare exchanges. It's created an opportunity for smaller insurance companies.
Posted In: health insurance, Small Business

Government shutdown means 'furlough freebies'

Many businesses, in D.C. and around the country, have taken to giving furloughed workers discounts or freebies.
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