Marketplace for Tuesday, Oct.30, 2007

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Some see recession threat looming

A leading real estate index says prices for existing homes fell in August at the fastest rate since 1991. Meanwile, consumer confidence plunged last month to the lowest level since Hurricane Katrina. Amy Scott reports that some economists are seeing signs of a recession on the horizon.
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Starbucks isn't playing his tune

In addition to coffee and sweets, Starbucks is now selling music CDs, with sales in the millions. So it's not surprising that unknown artists are knocking on its doors. Well, one artist in particular. Sean Cole explains.

Letters from our listeners

Kai Ryssdal reviews some of the letters we've received about our coverage and commentaries on, among other things, the farm bill, Oregon voters, books on tape in Atlanta, and the Boston Red Sox.

Chavez puts Venezuela's future on oil

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is spending billions on social programs and international aid. If the price of oil comes down, Venezuela could find itself over a barrel. Dan Grech does the math.

Cheaper rates for using more power?

Differential pricing for utilities is nothing new -- paying less for electricity used during off-peak hours. But in Los Angeles, city officials floated a slight variation on that theme -- lower rates for people who use more electricity. Lisa Napoli reports that it's a growing trend.

Cost of U.S. spying efforts released

For the first time in almost a decade the federal government has pulled back the curtain on the American intelligence budget. In 2007 the country will spend $43.5 billion to spy on its enemies -- plus another $10 billion for the Pentagon that's still classified. Steve Henn reports.
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Product-safety chief rejects extra funds

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is half the size it once was, which means it's been busy dealing with this year's record number of recalls. Yet, its acting head Nancy Nord says she doesn't want extra money that Congress is offering. John Dimsdale explains what's going on.
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