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It's Election Day. San Bernardino has one the highest unemployment rates in the country while Oklahoma City has one of the lowest; our reporters check in to see how voters are feeling in both cities. Some people have experienced long waits at their polling places today -- how does constant waiting affect us financially and psychologically? No matter who wins the presidency tonight, they will inherit an improving economy. Even when this election is over, super PACs are here to stay. And we hear about workplace etiquette for the day after the election. Hint: It’s not polite to gloat if your guy wins.

Next president inherits hopeful economy

Whoever it is, the next president could benefit from an improving economy. Housing prices are rising again and unemployment is expected to fall.
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Yea or nay: Whether to talk politics at work

Politics, like religion and sports, can be a delicate workplace conversation topic. How will the day after play out around the office water cooler?
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Super PACs are here to stay

Outside political groups expected to focus their dollars on post-election issues.
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Employed or not, voting ritual often the same

In many ways, the 2012 presidential election is a referendum on a number: the nation's unemployment rate of 7.9 percent. Reporters in Oklahoma City (unemployment around 5 percent) and San Bernardino, Calif., (unemployment pushing 12 percent) look behind the numbers.
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Commuter rail project in Hawaii hangs on today's vote

The leading candidate for mayor of Honolulu has pledged to derail a $5 billion rail project to help ease Oahu’s terrible traffic.
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Election Day: Is waiting the hardest part?

An economist and an engineer on the frustrations and virtues of waiting.
Posted In: 2012 election, voting

Election Day a holiday for United Auto Workers

UAW members have had Election Day off since 1999.
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