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The parent company of American Airlines has declared bankruptcy -- but it could be a good thing. So too could Congress' current budget gridlock. Electric cars, meanwhile, continue to face weak sales. The FTC and Facebook have settled a case over privacy. Pfizer is trying to block consumers from using a generic version of Lipitor. Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner shares an unusual strategy used by charities to get more donations. And commentator Rob Walker talks about the 99 percent.

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Congressional gridlock could be good

If Congress doesn't do much this year, lets automatic cuts of $1.2 trillion kick in and the Bush tax cuts expire, that cuts $5 trillion from the deficit within a decade.
Posted In: Congress, Bush tax cuts

American Airlines flies into bankruptcy

United, US Airways, Delta and Northwest have been there. American’s bankruptcy means fliers will ultimately face fewer choices and higher fares.
Posted In: American Airlines, bankruptcy

What percent are you, really?

The Occupy Wall Street movement has rallied around the phrase "We are the 99 percent," but you might be surprised what you can earn and still fit that description.
Posted In: #OccupyWallStreet, Occupy, wealth

Electric cars catch fire, sales not so much

New safety concerns as electric car sales limp out of the gate.
Posted In: Chevy Volt, electric cars

Lipitor makes way for generics

Pfizer's blockbuster cholesterol drug loses patent protection December 1. It could have happened sooner.
Posted In: Lipitor, generic drugs, Health, health care

"Fahrenheit 451" finally an e-book

Author Ray Bradbury had been famously resistant to e-books.
Posted In: e-books

When it comes to charitable giving, what works?

Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner discusses strategies to get people to give.
Posted In: Charity, philanthropy

Will Facebook get serious about online privacy?

Facebook settled a case today with the FTC over whether the site violated users' personal privacy by sharing their information with advertisers and others without the users' consent. But will it force Facebook to change its ways?
Posted In: Facebook, privacy, web privacy

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