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Kai Ryssdal talks to business magnate and investor Warren Buffett about who should be the next Treasury Secretary, how much the wealthy ought to pay in taxes, and whether he's worried about the future of democratic capitalism. Florida’s governor has issued a challenge to colleges to offer a $10,000 degree. The packaged food giant ConAgra is now the largest private label food manufacturer after acquiring Ralcorp. With Powerball jackpot now at a record high of $500 million, thousands of people are willing to pay the new, higher price of a ticket for a chance to strike it rich. And in part two of our series on Walmart and labor, Mitchell Hartman takes a look at whether 'permatemping' in warehouses is designed to keep costs and prices low at Walmart and other big-box retailers.

Warren Buffett on Jamie Dimon as Treasury Secretary, the fiscal cliff, and taxes

From the archives: You know who’s not worried about the fiscal cliff? Buffett.
Posted In: Warren Buffett, fiscal cliff, Jamie Dimon

Walmart warehouse temps add flexibility -- and save money?

Walmart's flexible supply chain depends on low-wage "permatemp" workers.
Posted In: Walmart, low-wage, warehouse, permatemp, union, labor, supply chain

Powerball a big winner for many states

Wednesday's big Powerball jackpot is one reason more people are playing the multi-state lottery at record levels.
Posted In: lottery

As U.S. pot laws evolve, some Mexicans question their policy

Recent votes to legalize marijuana in Colorado and Washington state have some Mexicans calling on their government to reconsider its drug policies.
Posted In: Mexico, drugs, war on drugs, marijuana, pot

Pushing for a $10,000 college degree

Colleges and universities are on a quest for a cheaper college degree. But not everyone gets a bargain.
Posted In: college, Florida, college tuition

ConAgra buys into private label's success

Food giant sees Ralcorp purchase as a way to enter the growing store brand market.
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