Marketplace for Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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Marketplace for Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Diabetes to become most expensive disease

A new study released today projected that diabetes would cost $500 billion by 2020 -- making it on par to become the most expensive disease. What does that mean for health care spending, and how will people react? Tess Vigeland goes over the details with Gregory Warner.
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Germany hesistant about the Euro's future

The announcement of the Irish bailout was supposed to ease concerns about the Euro, but the opposite is happening. German Chancellor Angela Merkel even expressed her concerns today. Will Germany -- Europe's most powerful country -- stay in the Eurozone for long? Stephen Beard reports.

Big Lots case adds to insider trading debate

Yesterday federal prosecutors began an investigation into alleged insider trading on Wall Street. Today, Big Lots is accusing a research firm of going too far with trade secrets and in turn damaging the company's stock. It could play a big role in the future of market research.
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Some new IPOs lack stability

It's a very good time for IPOs -- GM and Booz Allen Hamilton just went public, HCA and Toys"R"Us are expected to follow soon. Many of the new IPOs come from companies that were taken private in deals with a lot of debt, and as Mitchell Hartman reports, they aren't being received well by investors.
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What are banks supposed to do?

In his book "How Markets Fail," now in paperback, John Cassidy argues that the crash of 2008 was evidence that markets are not self-correcting and that Wall Street needs to get back to reality -- and reform itself. Tess Vigeland talks to the author.

Should teachers get a raise for earning a master's?

Billions go towards teachers' raises, raises because the teacher earned a master's degrees. Many are questioning the practice, especially because there's not a lot of evidence that a master's degree makes a better teacher.
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Making online shopping more personal

Want to shop in your jammies but still get the personalized attention that you can get at a store? Reporter Gigi Douban test drives Lands' End video chat customer service.
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