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GDP in the U.S. is lower than originally projected, but it might not be a bad thing. Barbara Ehrenreich talks about work in the second of our weeklong series on writers and the economy. Mitchell Hartman continues his series on the housing boom and bust in California's Inland Empire. North Dakota has a housing problem, too -- not enough residences. L.A. city officials are trying to barter with Occupy protesters to get them off of the City Hall lawn. And we hear about the latest uprisings in Egypt.

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Third quarter GDP revised down

The Commerce Department says the economy grew 2 percent, revised down from 2.5. But economists say chances are after one step back, we'll take two forward.
Posted In: GDP, Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Los Angeles offers protesters office space

L.A. officials try to tempt Occupy protesters off the City Hall lawn by offering cheap office space, farmland and housing.
Posted In: Occupy L.A.

North Dakota oil spawns a housing boom

North Dakota oil towns have jobs aplenty but nowhere to live. Williston used to get five new homes a year. This year, 2,000 will be built.
Posted In: Housing, North Dakota

Some Californians turn to church in troubled times

In the Southern California town of Rialto, jobs and homes have been lost. And one evangelical church has stepped in to help.
Posted In: Inland Empire, church

Ehrenreich: Writers on Work

This week, we've asked writers to share with us how they are thinking about the economy. Author Barbara Ehrenreich shares her thoughts.
Posted In: Writers on Work

Protests continue in Egypt over government handover

The country is set to have elections next week, but tens of thousands of protesters have been gathering in Tahrir Square for four days to demand a quicker transfer of power to civilians.
Posted In: Egypt

Wall Street bonuses fall

David Brancaccio discusses why bonuses are expected to go down this year, and how Washington plans to regulate executive compensation.
Posted In: Wall Street, bonuses, Wall Street bonuses

The stimulus added how many jobs?

The Congressional Budget Office says the 2009 economic stimulus added lots of jobs. But we're not sure about how many.
Posted In: economic stimulus

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