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Today's show had the second part of our series, Food for 9 Billion, and looked at famine in Africa. Occupy Wall Street protesters were kicked out of Zuccotti Park last night. We compared the plights of the EU and the NBA; and heard how small businesses are lagging in technology. And Congress is keeping pizza and fries on school lunch menus.

Congress keeps pizza and french fries on school lunch menus

Companies that sell frozen pizzas and french fries to schools convinced Congress to squash stricter school lunch standards proposed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

EU and NBA face similar plight

The European debt crisis and the National Basketball Association lockout are being played in vastly different arenas, but the game is pretty much the same.
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Fixing our financial system would leave 100% of us better off

Join us for a week long commentary series asking this question: If the 1% had less, would the 99% be better off? We'll hear from economists, academics, and the public.
Posted In: If the 1% had less would the 99% be better off?

Technology's haves and have nots

Many small businesses are still on the wrong side of the Digital Divide
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Occupy's pivotal moment

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg kicked Occupy Wall Street protesters out of their home base of Zuccotti Park last night. And what happens next could be very important.
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The complexities of famine

In East Africa, it takes more than a drought to cause devastating famine.
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Fannie, Freddie executive pay and the STOCK Act

The House Financial Services Committee voted to stop the multimillion dollar bonuses Fannie and Freddie executive have been getting. And the STOCK Act is introduced in the Senate.
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