Marketplace for Tuesday May 6, 2014

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TV weathermen are the most common contact most Americans have with meteorology and climate, but the consensus on climate change is significantly lower than among them than climate scientists. What is it about the TV meterologist industry? Plus, Bayer has acquired Merck’s over-the-counter consumer pharmaceutical business, and is focusing on developing new drugs. We look at the difference between these two businesses: OTC and Rx, and the advantages of being on one, rather than the other (or even both). Finally, former PayPal Executive Rakesh Agrawal sent a Twitter message to a friend that criticized a colleague. It went out to 11,000 people.  He then sent a series of Tweets threatening to share embarrassing content from the communications of corporate colleagues who didn’t support him. Now, Twitter is trying to bring the situation under control.

What do meteorologists think about climate change?

Many Americans get their weather and climate information from TV weather casters.
Posted In: weather, forecasting, climate change, Barack Obama

Nasty Gal CEO Sophia Amoruso stopped dumpster diving

“I thought I was destined to smash capitalism,” she says.
Posted In: fashion, vintage, freegan, NastyGal

What happens years after a foreclosure

Some states have been shortening the time banks have to claw back what’s still owed after a foreclosure.
Posted In: foreclosures

Shelf vs. Script: Why Merck's offloading allergy pills

Turns out prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs are two very different businesses.
Posted In: pharmaceuticals, merck, bayer, prescription drugs

Tweets from Rakesh Agrawal, but with Getty Images

If the Rakesh Agrawal Twitter soap opera had pictures.
Posted In: Rakesh Agrawal, Twitter

An ex-PayPal executive airs grievances (very) publicly

What can companies do when an unhappy employee says bad things about them online?

And the markets breathed again...

Marketplace Datebook for Wednesday, May 7, 2014
A demonstrator protests with a Brazilian national flag

Brazil is not ready to host FIFA

Brazil's about to host the World Cup and the Olympics...and they're not ready.
Posted In: brazil, soccer, protests

Hospitals save money by doing surgery for free

Some hospitals have come up with a counterintuitive way to save money: offer minor surgery for free.
Posted In: rural America, surgery cost, medicaid

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