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 The U.S. has indicted an online payment system for allegedly laundering $6 billion for the criminal underworld. What does that mean for other digital currencies? Also, the Case Schiller Index is up again in the biggest rise since 2006. Is it really good news? Plus, hear about the almost exclusively African American site that advertisers are flocking to. 

Australia's economy: The wonder down under

Why Australia is happy and booming.
Posted In: Australia

A solution to a garment industry crisis?

The solution to garment industry worker abuses could lay in the hands of an unexpected retailer.
Posted In: Bangladesh, labor, clothing, factory

CNN and Buzzfeed sitting in a tree: What's in the new relationship for CNN?

Cable company CNN has a new partner in cat videos and GIFs. What's the benefit?
Posted In: cnn, buzzfeed, viral, media

What the Liberty Reserve indictment means for Bitcoin

The Justice Department has indicted seven people involved with the online-payment system Liberty Reserve, accusing them of allegedly laundering $6 billion for the criminal underworld. What risk does the crackdown pose for Bitcoin?
Posted In: bitcoin, online payments

The rise of WorldStarHipHop, a popular and controversial website

The founder says WorldStar entertains, informs and tells it like it is. Critics say the sites viral videos are often exploitative.
Posted In: hip hop, Internet, African American

Home prices are rising fast. Should we be worried?

Many economists say the housing uptick is solid and could give the recovery a needed boost. But some urge caution.
Posted In: Housing

Shopkeepers don't buy NYC's bike business pitch

As New York rolls out its bike-share program, it's also been pushing the case that bikes are good for local businesses. But is it as good as the city claims?
Posted In: Transportation, bike sharing, New York City, bicycle

Have lunch with Warren Buffett, starting at $25,000

Mr. Buffett auctions off a lunch date with himself every year. Bidding begins at $25,000.
Posted In: Warren Buffett

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