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Mexican Sausage Crostini
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The online retailer Zappos has done away with traditional job postings, in favor of an internal social network which potential candidates must join. Although Zappos isn't a very traditional company- they did away with job titles last year- we'll look at the challenges companies face when hiring and how that process might be changing. Plus, chicken-producer Pilgrim's Pride is making a hostile takeover bid for sausage supremo, Hillshire Brands. Pilgrim has boasted of wanting to create one big "protein-focused" company. In an age where Walmart style behemoths dominate the grocery sector, food producers like Pilgrim's Pride see the advantage of size as they deal with the chains and seek market share. Climate change is also on the agenda today. As the Obama Administration readies its regualtions of carbon dioxide emissions by existing coal-burning plants, the underlying issue remains economics. If carbon dioxide emissions must be reduced, what is the most efficient means of doing so? Should we make everyone buy new, more energy-efficient cars and appliances? Or should we just address several hundred coal-burning plants that produce 30 percent of the U.S.'s carbon dioxide?  

The end of the job listing?

Zappos dropped traditional job postings for a social networking hiring system.
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EPA proposes new limits

The EPA starts targeting carbon dioxide in earnest

The Obama Administration readies its regulation of carbon-dioxide emissions.
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A bond that can't be broken

Marketplace Datebook for Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Jimmy Dean Sausage

Pilgrim eyes Hillshire as tasty morsel

Chicken-producer Pilgrim's Pride makes hostile takeover bid for Hillshire Brands.
Posted In: Jimmy Dean, pork, chicken, Mergers and Acquisitions, Food

The next big challenge in Afghanistan is payroll

As more U.S. troops withdraw, experts say new challenges will be "mundane".
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Discovering the original Disneyland

It wasn't originally going to be for just rides.

The house call makes a comeback

Sometimes it makes sense to pay for having the doctor come to your place.
Posted In: doctors, health insurance, house calls

Contemporary art: A terrible investment?

It's not just the art, it's the spectacle and the production surrounding it.
Posted In: art, museums

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