Marketplace for Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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Talent agents for the YouTube era

Put something popular up on YouTube? Might be time to find an agent. Kai visits United Talent Agency's online division in Hollywood to learn about digital representation.

Using foreign aid to stop conflict

Fighting poverty is good, but according to commentator and economist Edward Miguel, well-targeted foreign aid can accomplish much, much more in the poorest parts of the world.

The world's workshop helps its own

China has redirected its manufacturing power to aid those affected by this month's earthquake. Scott Tong takes us to a tent factory in Shanghai working overtime to shelter victims.

Rockefellers try to shift Exxon's focus

At Exxon's annual meeting tomorrow, 15 proposals are up for a vote, including one from the founding Rockefellers. Kai talks with law professor Robert Hillman about shareholder activism.

Funding researchers, not research

The Hughes Institute is funding 56 scientists to conduct research of their own choosing. Jeremy Hobson reports what this new funding strategy could mean for biomedical research.
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Borders tries the direct approach

In the past, Borders partnered with Amazon for online sales. Today, they've set out on their own, offering direct sales via a new website. Ashley Milne-Tyte takes a look.

A long way to go for the housing market

Separate reports today revealed that while home sales are on the rise, prices continue to dive. Amy Scott explains why the housing market can't seem to get past the bad news.
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