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Facebook shares fell again today. But how does all this actually affect Facebook -- the company? President Obama travels to the Silicon Valley tomorrow to raise money for his reelection campaign. Google Chrome surpassed Internet Explorer last week as the world's most used web browser. Funding to study the solar system will be cut by 20 percent, and that could affect U.S. missions to Mars. Kai Ryssdal talks to former president of ABC News, David Westin, about how the business of TV news has changed in the last two decades, and to Outside magazine's Nick Heil about the dangers of climbing Mount Everest.

Are you 'network literate'?

Commentator Ben Casnocha says our ever-expanding social networks require a whole new skill.
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Another Race to the Top begins

The Department of Education will award $400 million to school districts in its latest contest to improve education. The challenge is to create personalized plans to teach students from poor and rural families.
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Obama mines Silicon Valley

Hollywood isn't the only place in California with lots of campaign money. The Bay Area also has many deep pocket donors -- especially in the Silicon Valley, the home of many tech billionaires.
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Checkered IPO doesn't define Facebook

Facebook, the company, doesn’t depend on Facebook, the IPO. Its stock debut is embarrassing, but it doesn’t affect Facebook’s business prospects.
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What it takes to climb Mount Everest

Four people have died recently trying to get to the top of Mount Everest. Outside Magazine's Nick Heil discusses the dangers that come with trying to summit the world's highest mountain, and the big business that's growing out of it.
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Former ABC News president on the state of the news today

David Westin discusses his 14 years as head of the news division at ABC and whether we can still afford the news in today's world.
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Moody's raises Ford back up to investment grade

The carmaker survived the recession by selling all its assets back in 2006, and now it's able to get it all back.
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Missions to Mars may be out of reach as funds fade

Funding to study our solar system will be cut by 20 percent. That's leaving some space programs in limbo.
Posted In: space exploration, NASA, mars

Google Chrome gets browser title for a week

Google's Chrome topped Microsoft's Internet Explorer for seven days straight for the first time. The numbers mean less than Google's growing share of the market.
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