Marketplace for Tuesday May 20, 2014

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Dairy Queen Treats
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The White House is touting its record of bringing foreign investment to the US. We evaluate the claims and explain the many factors at play when it comes to insourcing and outsourcing. Plus, Dairy Queen comes to Manhattan – what does the arrival of heartland America mean to the island of Duane Read, Carvel and Tad’s? Also, Google is buying Divide, a New York-based startup. Divide does just what it says on the tin: it allows users to separate work and play on their mobile devices. Useful for businesses because they’re able to better secure and control the work side of their employees mobiles. Better for individuals because they can secure their personal data.   
President Obama Meets With Business Leaders

Is 'insourcing' enough to boost the U.S. economy?

President Obama is touting companies that have made investments in the U.S.
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Time Warner Center

Shocker: No one likes ISPs or cable providers

A recent survey of the telecommunications industry by the ACSI shows low scores.
Posted In: ISPs, cable TV, directv, AT&T, Mergers and Acquisitions

Manhattan gets its first Dairy Queen

Will this arrival bring more than a Blizzard?
Posted In: Dairy Queen, ice cream, manhattan, New York City

A motorcycle design for the history books

Funded by a patronage-type system modeled on, well, history.
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How much would an all-American iPhone cost?

A 100 percent U.S.-made iPhone would cost more than $2,000.
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Divide is Joining Google

Divide, Google's latest buy, hardens Android security

People are using their mobile devices for work and personal life interchangeably.
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Eating out? Leave a big tip

Marketplace Datebook for Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fashion soared as the economy faltered in the 1930s

Clothes made the (wo)man... even during the Great Depression.
Posted In: fashion, history

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