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Today we continue our series on the cycle of debt created by installment loans. In the news, Angelina Jolie's move to get a preventative double mastectomy will probably spur others to do the same. The problem? Only one company offers the genetic test and it costs $4,000 Plus, America will soon be energy independent – but what change, if any, does that signal for actual consumers? Or does this just mean more profit for energy exporters?

A 21st century Thoreau on living debt-free

Ken Ilgunas spent two years obsessively paying off the $32,000 he owed on his student loans. And when he decided to go back to school for a graduate degree, he figured out a way to come out the other side debt-free.
Posted In: student debt, frugality

The cost of Angelina Jolie's cancer testing? More than $4,000

Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy is likely to boost demand for a medical test that determines the probability of breast cancer. That test is currently available from just one company, Myriad Genetics, which charges more than $4,000.
Posted In: Angelina Jolie, breast cancer, Myriad, genetic testing, Science

Bring on the baby bloopers and family fiascos

"America’s Funniest Home Videos" is opening its 23-season deep library to advertisers. Nothing sells like pets, babies and humor.
Posted In: advertising, television, home videos

Does U.S. oil boom mean lower prices at the pump?

America's closer to energy independence, but the days of $2 gas are history.
Posted In: energy, Oil

Politics, money and power: Inside the IRS' targeting of conservative social welfare groups

The IRS is now facing a criminal investigation over its targeting of conservative groups that applied for tax exempt status.
Posted In: IRS, tea party

Unemployed steelworker is back in a job

One small economic data point: a steelworker in the Midwest, back on the job.
Posted In: steelworker, steel, Jobs

How World Finance makes a killing lending on the installment (loan) plan

World Finance has outperformed the market and financial stocks through the recession. But is World’s high-interest small-dollar loan business sound and sustainable?
Posted In: installment loans, payday loans

Rich Manhattan moms are hiring disabled to cut Disney World lines

The New York Post reports wealthy mothers are paying handicapped people to pose as family members so that their families can use the special entrances to Disney World attractions.
Posted In: disney

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