Marketplace for Tuesday, May 13, 2014

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An EU ruling on privacy has big implications for Google and other search providers. We as what does the ruling means for Google’s operations in Europe, and what it might mean for other providers on that side of the pond. Also: Retail sales were disappointing, and maybe even surprising. Why the monthly retail sales number isn’t all that the market cracks it up to be. Finally, FHFA head Mel Watt gave his first speech today, and it look as though he wants to open up the mortgage market a bit. We unpack what the change in direction will mean to the housing recovery.
For more Geithner lunch news, read on.

Sorry, former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner

Not the hottest lunch date on the market.
Posted In: Timothy Geithner

The high-tech shop teacher of the future

Manufacturing has an image problem, especially with younger people.
Posted In: manufacturing, high school
Elvis on Toast

Taking the retail sales number too seriously

Retail sales for April were disappointing, but month-to-month data is problematic.
Posted In: retail sales, numbers
foreclosed home

Fannie and Freddie are easing up. Carefully.

Mel Watt's new game plan for the Federal Housing Finance Agency.
Posted In: foreclosures, Mel Watt, housing crisis

In North Dakota, making ribs for roughnecks

All sorts of people have moved to North Dakota to take jobs in the oil fields.
Posted In: Black Gold Boom, North Dakota
Disappear from Google screenshot

Google vs. the 'Right to be Forgotten'

Google told Marketplace that it was disappointed in the decision.
Posted In: Google, European Union
Sonic and Super Mario

How Sega broke Nintendo's monopoly on video games

Sonic and Mario go back a long way. They weren't always friendly with each other.
Posted In: video games, nintendo, sega

A week to make you miss manners

Marketplace Datebook for Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Posted In: etiquette
Ask Jeeves

Do Quora, Jelly and answer things correctly?

Social networks, search engines and new apps try to answer our questions.
Posted In: Google, questions, ask, quora, jelly

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