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President Barack Obama arrived in Afghanistan today to sign an agreement to chart future relations with the country. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is in Beijing, prepping for talks of economics and security on Thursday. A British parliamentary committee says Rupert Murdoch is "not fit to run a major company." Delta Air Lines is buying an oil refinery to make its own fuel. Sound is the latest frontier for brand marketing. And Frontline's Martin Smith reports on the fall of MF Global.

Company logos expand into sonic realm

Audio branding is moving beyond television and electronics into banks and appliances as companies seek to build consumer allegiance through sound.
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U.S. announces strategic partnership with Afghanistan

President Obama landed in Kabul just hours earlier, to sign a major new strategic partnership with the Afghanistan government.
Posted In: afghanistan

A comparison-shopping site for health care

Silicon Valley venture capitalists bet big on a startup that says it will let consumers compare prices for medical procedures. Those can be very tough numbers to come by.
Posted In: doctor, comparison shopping, health care, castlight

Hastings law school judges the job market

And it finds it wanting. So, the University of California school will slice enrollment rather than send too many lawyers into an economy with too few jobs.
Posted In: law school, University of California

The unlearned lessons in MF Global's fall

Jon Corzine planned to make a comeback on Wall Street after a political career. But he appeared to ignore fresh lessons from the financial crisis.
Posted In: MF Global, Jon Corzine

U.S. and Chinese officials prepare for talks

The question is: Will a blind Chinese activist's escape from house arrest muddy the economic waters?
Posted In: China, Timothy Geithner

Delta Air Lines is buying its own refinery

The airline has had enough of price hikes and supply interruptions. But whether the airline can run a refinery is another question.
Posted In: Delta, Oil

British lawmakers dub Murdoch unfit as CEO

Media titan Rupert Murdoch gets rapped for ignoring phone hacking in U.K. But who reprimands CEOs in the U.S. -- and for what misdeeds?
Posted In: Rupert Murdoch

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