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On Super Tuesday, we explore how the extended, expensive GOP primary race could help state primaries that never mattered before -- in big media markets like California and New York. A new report says student loan debt now tops U.S. credit card debt. IBM's Watson will use its talents on Wall Street in a Citigroup deal. GM has announced that it's temporarily suspending manufacture of the Chevy Volt. And Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist Mark Fiore offers some super PAC satire.

Super PACs = Long primaries + big $ for local media

The extended, expensive GOP primary race could help state primaries that never mattered before, in big media markets like California and New York.
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The 'what ifs' in oil prices

Oil prices fell today on the possible resumption of nuclear talks between Iran, the U.S. and its allies. But would prices stay down for long?
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Chevy Volt picks up award, but not enough buyers

The Chevy Volt, known in Europe as the Ampera, has been named European Car of the Year. But in the United States, sales are sluggish.
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VIDEO: Super PAC Mad Libs

Political cartoonist Mark Fiore lampoons the rise of the Super PAC in this short video animation
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Student loan debt soars to record level

The amount U.S. graduates owe on education loans could become a bigger drag on the economy than the nation's total credit card debt.
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Recognizing and addressing the problems of steep rent

The cost of rent in cities like L.A. or New York stands in the way of many people earning higher wages. Author Matthew Yglesias says the issue could be solved if cities loosen building regulations.
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Green power vs. green power

Canadian hydroelectric projects could threaten domestic green energy start-ups.
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Lehman Brothers emerges from bankruptcy

The company said it will start paying back its creditors next month. Investors can begin buying shares.
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IBM's Watson heads to Wall Street

IBM supercomputer Watson conquered "Jeopardy!" Then he got a job analyzing health records. Now, he may suit up for Citigroup.
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