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Struggling to compete against its bigger rivals like AT&T and Verizon, T-Mobile has made an announcement that it is canceling new phone contracts that lock you in for wireless services. The practice is common among small companies, like MetroPCS, but T-Mobile would be the carrier with the largest footprint to make the switch. Also, our Wealth & Poverty Desk begins a new series about the "safety net" that we rely on to take risks and sometimes make ends meet. And finally, how hard is it to make the perfect "hoodie" sweatshirt? 

Flying with a net, literal and figurative

Our reporter learns to fly on a trapeze -- and gets a crash course in safety nets, both real and metaphoric.
Posted In: safety net

Lawyers' emails reveal the obvious: Attorneys' overcharge

Call it "churning," or "feather bedding." A suit against the world's largest law firm reveals blatant efforts to juice up legal bills.
Posted In: Law, lawyers

Lobbyists gearing up for fight over tax breaks

As Washington eyes deficit reduction, cherished tax breaks are in the crosshairs.
Posted In: corporate tax, lobbyist, tax break

T-Mobile's bet: Customers will pay more for phones

What’s the cost of an iPhone? $200, if you pay for the rest of it through a two-year wireless contract. Now T-Mobile plans to upend the business model, asking customers to pay the true cost of the phone, and probably lower monthly wireless bills. Will their plan work with customers?
Posted In: T-Mobile, iPhone

Spotify's future streaming plan: Less Pandora, more Netflix?

Music streaming hasn’t turned out to be the big money maker Spotify hoped for. So now the question for Spotify is what else it could stream. Videos are a proven way to get people paying for content.
Posted In: Music, music streaming, spotify

Could being named the 'best ever' be bad?

Slate columnist Farhad Manjoo loves his hoodie from American Giant. But after he reviewed it online, all the sweatshirts sold out. And the company was forced to scale up before it was ready.
Posted In: American Giant, viral, Small Business

2014 Winter Olympics start stockpiling snow

A ski resort in Sochi, Russia -- site of the 2014 Winter Olympics -- is worried about having enough snow on the ground when the games begin in February.
Posted In: Olympics

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