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House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan proposed a plan that would downsize domestic spending, reform the tax code and change Medicare significantly. According to the Associated Press, job seekers are now getting asked for their Facebook username and passwords during the interview process. Real books and bookstores are becoming a thing of the past -- are authors the next to go? And reporter Mitchell Hartman spends some time with blue collar workers and talks to them about their views on the economy.

As Illinois primary unfolds, House GOP unveils budget plan

Congressional Republicans unveiled their 2013 budget today. It's more draconian than the president's. Will it become the fiscal blueprint for GOP lawmakers' election campaigns?
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With Kiva purchase, robots go the distance at Amazon

The giant online retailer buys robot-maker Kiva Systems for $775 million. The automatons will bring products to workers in Amazon's massive distribution centers.
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Diaper banks spreading

Some people can't afford the store prices.
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The economic lives of two blue-collar voters

They differ on politics, but both see college as a way to help their kids do better than they have.
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Job applicants asked for social media logins and passwords

The Associated Press has found that some applicants have been asked to hand over their Facebook passwords and login information during interviews.
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Bernanke gives lectures on gold standard

The Federal Reserve chairman went back to the classroom today.
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Fewer takers for the law school test

The Law School Admission Test had 16 percent fewer takers this academic year, as undergrads reassess whether law school is the safe bet it used to be.
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Is automated publishing the future?

Real books and bookstores are becoming a thing of the past. Does new technology mean authors are next to go?
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