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Keeping a close eye on the latest developments in Cyprus, where residents are revolting against a planned savings account tax. Plus, we look at why more homeowners are going from underwater to above water on their mortgages and what it means for the economy. That, and all the numbers from Wall Street and beyond.

Mississippi barges post-drought: Rollin' on the river

After months of drought, barge line operators on the Mississippi River celebrate the rain.
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Looking back to the future on Shanghai's Street of Eternal Happiness

Disoriented by the rapid pace of change in China, more young urban professionals are grounding themselves by turning to ancient Chinese traditions, including teachings from the time of Confucius.
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Skid Row was L.A.'s solution for homelessness. Now that's changing

Los Angeles has long steered its homeless population to a border area of downtown rarely seen except by those who work there and the homeless. Now redevelopment is pressing against Skid Row, and advocates are taking steps to secure homes for the homeless.
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Does Cyprus' tax vote mean an exit from euro?

A vote in Cyprus could determine the fate of the country's proposed savings account tax, and Cyprus' future in the eurozone. But as much as Cypriots care, so do Russians and Germans.
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Surprise! Your home may no longer be underwater

More homeowners are going from underwater to above water on their mortgages, and that could mean some really good news for the economy.
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How to retire on just $25,000 in the bank

In a recent survey, more than half of U.S. workers saving for retirement have less than $25,000 in the bank for the golden years. That's not a lot of money -- how do retirees survive on that?
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ABC's newest ratings pitch: Celebrities on a high dive!

"Dancing with the Stars" meets the diving board. The new reality show "Splash" tries to grab viewers with a lineup of C-list celebrities. We look at the show, but also at the reality TV equation: There’s not a whole lot to lose on these shows. They’re cheap to produce and if they hit, they can be worth a fortune.
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U.K. flies more than a million dollars cash to Cyprus

A British air force plane was loaded up with cold hard cash and flown to Cyprus for the British military there.
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