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The U.S. is inching toward the 6.5 percent unemployment rate the Fed has set as its target, but as it considers continuing its stimulus program, it has to decide whether this 6.5 percent rate is the 6.5 percent rate it wanted.  Also: Sanctions are on the agenda in the Crimean penninsula. But American companies doing business in Russia may be reluctant to see any further deterioration of relations between Washington and Moscow. Finally: Walmart is getting into the very lucrative used games business -- a space many other big retailerse have failed to crack. 

Signing up new patients is just the beginning

Getting signed up for health insurance or Medicaid is just the first step in getting quality medical care.
Posted In: medicaid, ACA

Only half of us will accept robot domination

However, a study from MIT suggests half of us... will.

Frozen foods: not your dad's Hungryman

Self Magazine has launched a line of frozen foods.
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Steve Jobs 'Wouldn't want Tim Cook to do better than he did'

The author of the new book "Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs" says Apple's best day are behind it.

Why Wal-Mart will buy your used video game

Customers will be able to trade in old games for store credit, and Wal-Mart will sell the used games.
Posted In: Wal-Mart, video games

Fed stops targeting 6.5% unemployment

The U.S. is inching toward the unemployment rate the Fed had set as its goal.
Posted In: Federal Reserve, Unemployment

American businesses wary of sanctions in Russia

Why American companies in Russia may be on alert for further deterioration between Washington and Moscow.
Posted In: sanctions, Crimea

Three floods in three years? Yeah, we'll buy your house

After Hurricane Sandy, the state of New Jersey planned to buy 1,300 flood-prone homes and demolish them. What's taking so long?
Posted In: Hurricane Sandy, new jersey, homes

The year the big screen came to the little screen

Marketplace Datebook for Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Posted In: drought, Oscars

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