Marketplace for Tuesday, March 17, 2009

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Marketplace for Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bad economy does dating good

Dating is a lot of things -- painful, awkward, expensive. You'd think the dating industry would be down in the dumps during this recession. But as Sally Herships reports, a bad economy is good business for love.

Drinking water costs lots of dollars

Drinking water across the nation is getting more and more expensive. Some say it's the private sector that is pushing those prices up. Elaine Grant reports.

Irish youth out o' luck in downturn

After joining the European Union, Ireland's economy roared to life in the 90's. But today, it's whimpering. Youth Radio's Pendarvis Harshaw reports on the tough choices Irish youth must make to deal with the downturn.

Tyson Foods partners to feed your pet

People are cutting back on a lot of things in this downturn, but not on pet needs. That may be one reason why meat producer Tyson Foods is partnering with Freshpet to enter the pet food business. Caitlan Carroll reports.
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Apartments lead housing market back?

Home construction for February was up 22%, due in large part to apartment construction. Should we be excited about the numbers? Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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What more can the Fed do?

The Federal Reserve is meeting on interest rates. But with those rates basically at zero, what other tricks does Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke have up his sleeve? John Dimsdale reports.

Lawmakers look to reclaim AIG bonuses

Bonuses paid out to AIG executives have sparked outrage, and lawmakers are telling CEO Edward Liddy to fix the problem or they will do it for him. But what can the government really do? Steve Henn reports.

Rep. Frank has questions ready for AIG

AIG CEO Edward Liddy is set to face a House panel's questions on bonuses paid to company executives with federal bailout money. Kai Ryssdal talks with Rep. Barney Frank about what to expect from the hearing on Wednesday.

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