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Some turn to 'Mechanical' job search

The Web site "Mechanical Turk" is billed as a marketplace where employers and workers can find each other. It's a good deal for employers, but is it a decent way to make a living? Joel Rose reports.
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Listeners weigh in on our coverage

Tess Vigeland sifts through letters from listeners on brand loyalty, life without credit cards, and more.
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Moonlighting MPs forced to come clean

Many British lawmakers hold down one, two or even three jobs alongside their full-time gigs as MPs. But now they will have to disclose how much time they spend and how much money they make at their other jobs. Stephen Beard reports.
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Baby Boomers and Gen. Y share goals

You might think Baby Boomers and people in Generation Y don't have much in common. But economist Sylvia Hewlett says they have similar goals, working styles, likes and dislikes. She talks with host Tess Vigeland.
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Agency would target financial traps

The new Consumer Financial Protection Agency proposed by the Obama administration would have powerful tools to discipline banks and other lenders. John Dimsdale reports.

State legislatures face closures

As a new fiscal year approaches, Arizona, Mississippi and Indiana are among a handful of states whose legislatures could shut down if they fail to balance their budgets by July 1. Jeff Tyler reports.

California nears budget-gap deadline

Lawmakers in the state have until today to close the $24 billion budget deficit. Tess Vigeland speaks with Evan Halper, Sacramento bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times, about the state's fiscal problems.
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