Marketplace for Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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Marketplace for Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Can Tesla make it as an IPO?

Electric car company Tesla Motors made the jump today to public company, even though the economy is still shaky and the seven-year-old automaker has yet to turn a profit.
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Is LeBron too much of a good thing?

Can a star NBA player's sky-high value be too much of a good thing? Kai Ryssdal talks to reporter Ira Boudway about the "LeBron Dilemma."
Posted In: Sports

Summer Reading: Justin Fox

Justin Fox, the editorial director of the Harvard Business Review recommends an 800-page tome of the history of the Federal Reserve.

States struggle to balance budgets

States across the nation are struggling to balance budgets while under the weight of huge deficits. Reporters in Illinois, Pennsylvania and North Carolina take a look at the challenges each state is confronted with and how they're dealing with them.

Congress needs new funding for bill

The financial overhaul bill almost seemed like a sure thing, until Sen. Robert Byrd died and a key Republican supporter said he won't vote for the bill, unless the way it'll be paid for changes.

Google taking it easier with China

After months of a very publicized fight with the Chinese government, Google softened its approach to the Chinese government -- but they may still give up millions of users.
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Are consumers really that worried?

How we feel has a huge influence on how he consume, but just because a consumer says they're apprehensive, doesn't mean they'll act that way. Jeff Horwich reports on the latest Consumer Confidence Index.
Posted In: Retail

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