Marketplace for Tuesday June 24, 2014

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Joe the plumber
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A new Brookings report out today suggests that the crisis surrounding student loans may not be what we think it is. The report is based on data from the last 20 years and says that certain areas are worse than others. Graduates, for example, are in tougher spots than undergraduates. We look at where the problems with student loans are most acute. Plus, the Export-Import bank, whose charter is expected to expire at the end of September, faces a dire future as both the White House and Republicans call for its end. What is it and what are its main functions? We explain. Also, we look at how politicians talk about wealth when they talk about wealth: Did you work your way up, did you earn every dollar, or were you just lucky? And does it matter whether it looks like you earned every dollar? There’s earning a lot of money, and there’s being paid a lot of money.

Survey says: Guilty of not filling out your survey

Commentator Beth Teitell says sometimes she feels guilty for not filling them out.
Posted In: surveys, online ads

Rich politicians emphasize humble beginnings

Politicians talk about wealth in varying ways: Did you work hard, or was it luck?
Posted In: Congress

Surprising data on student loans

Today's Brooking report shows that graduates are worse off than undergrads.
Posted In: student loans, college tuition

What is the biggest business in your home state?

In Vermont, it's the Keurig Green Mountain company, of coffee fame.
Posted In: Warren Buffett

I don't care if I never get back...or ever get back?

Eric Brewster and Ben Blatt on their best worst baseball road trip
Posted In: baseball

Corporate boards mostly a boys-only club

Large investment funds like Calpers are trying to add diversity to the boardroom.
Posted In: women in management, board of directors

How to get a job on LinkedIn

How to use LinkedIn to get a job. By... LinkedIn.
Posted In: linkedin, emloyment

Does LinkedIn work for job seekers?

LinkedIn is a way for job seekers to put themselves out there. Recruiters searching the site may find them.
Posted In: linkedin, employment, recruiting

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