Marketplace for Tuesday, June 2, 2009

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Marketplace for Tuesday, June 2, 2009

U.K. cop sting could bust you for bling

Police in one British town are hoping to nab criminals by asking residents to report their suspiciously glamorous neighbors with a controversial message: "Too Much Bling, Give Us A Ring." Christopher Werth reports.
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Letters: Budget, health, social media

Kai Ryssdal reviews what listeners had to say about stories involving California's budget problems, state-mandated health insurance in Massachusetts, GM's woes, and social media at work.

What you don't know about TALF

TALF is a program aimed at getting credit flowing to consumers. But it might be the biggest government program you've never heard of, even though it provides financing for a lot of the things you buy. Jeremy Hobson reports.

Why health care costs are so high

President Obama has warned that rising health care costs are a true threat to our economic health. Dr. Atul Gawande wrote an article about why health care costs are so high after going to McAllen, Tx., and talks to Kai Ryssdal about his findings.
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Biz readies in case of swine pandemic

The World Health Organization says the swine flu outbreak is inching closer to a pandemic, but the general level of infection is still moderate. A pandemic might present a challenge to businesses. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Gov't is reluctant to get TARP repaid

Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase and others have raised billions to pay back TARP funds. But the government is reluctant to get repaid. Why? Amy Scott reports.

Pontiac on tough road after plants close

GM is shutting down or idling 14 U.S. plants, including two in Pontiac, Mich. Kai Ryssdal talks with Pontiac resident Donna Kelley about how the plants closures are affecting her town.
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Will GM's ad campaign rev up buyers?

General Motors just filed for bankruptcy, but it's already trying to re-brand itself. The automaker has launched a new ad campaign touting how the company will reinvent itself. Are consumers buying the new sales pitch? Sarah Gardner reports.
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