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As many as 200,000 people have marched through Brazil's major cities protesting economic imbalances. The Kremlinology of Ben Bernanke. And what Jay-Z’s deal to offer his new album to every new Samsung customer and what it says about the future of music distribution.

MTV focuses on millennials for success

CEO of MTV Stephen Friedman says its success depends on their ability to connect with Millennials
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Is the industrial Midwest gone forever?

The Midwest was once the industrial heartland of America -- in many towns, local businesses and high schools were completely integrated into the industrial life of the region.
Posted In: midwest, Michigan, auto industry

In Brazil, small protests turn quickly to big demonstrations

What began as small protests against bus price hikes has now escalated into nationwide wide protests involving hundreds of thousands of people. When an economy expands, people bristle at corruption and poor spending choices.0
Posted In: brazil, World Cup, Transportation

Ben Bernanke: Taper, no shave

The Kremlinology of Ben Bernanke and his announcement this week on the Fed's stimulus program.
Posted In: Fed, Bernanke, QE2, Federal Reserve

Jay-Z and Samsung: Not a businessman, a business, man

What Jay-Z's deal with Samsung says about the future of music distribution.
Posted In: Jay-Z, itunes, iPhone, Galaxy, smartphones

Doctors look to change the economics of obesity

The American Medical Association votes to classify obesity as a disease in a move that will broaden coverage for related treatments.
Posted In: obesity

Janet Yellen: Obama's pick for Fed chief

The pragmatic, down-to-earth vice chair of the Federal Reserve Board is said to be replacing Chairman Ben Bernanke.
Posted In: Janet Yellen, Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke

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