Marketplace for Tuesday June 17, 2014

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Tony Gwynn
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Consumer Price Index, CPI, is up, but the Fed, which meets tomorrow measures inflation in a different way. Deflation. Inflation. Let’s call the whole thing off. Then, Netflix plans to stream some of its shows, including Breaking Bad and Orange is the New Black, in 4K Ultra HD. But not a lot of people have the ability to watch ultra HD right now. However, this is where the Next Big Thing begins. What's the strategy for taking us as consumers of content, hardware and technology, to the next level? We look at the shape of things to come. Also, a famous baseball player dies of cancer from chewing tobacco. We look at the smokeless tobacco industry, where sales are up 

An ancient animal's blood is a modern medical miracle

The horseshoe crab's blue-colored blood is critical to modern medicine.
Posted In: horseshoe crabs, medicine, animals
Smokeless Tobacco

The market for smokeless tobacco keeps on growing

After the death of Tony Gwynn, it's a hot topic.
Posted In: tobacco, cigarettes
Breaking Bad

4K TV: The shape of things to come, someday

Netflix will stream some of its shows in 4K Ultra HD, whatever that means.
Posted In: 4K, netflix, television, tv
Energy Costs Are Up

Why the Fed sees inflation differently than you

The latest Consumer Price Index indicates inflation is up.

Take your tips from the June Vogue and spend $343,368

A data journalist at WNYC added it up.
Posted In: Vogue, magazines, WNYC

How to hide a corporate jet

Yes, it's both possible and legal.
Posted In: corporate jets, menswear
Maker Project

The Maker Movement makes it to the White House

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