Marketplace for Tuesday, June 16, 2009

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Marketplace for Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's a recession baby!

Recessions have a nasty way of messing with people's plans. But for some couples a bad economy is the perfect time for a little addition. Tamara Keith reports.

Letters: Protectionism, grants, height

Kai Ryssdal reviews what listeners had to say about the stimulus package's "Buy American" provision, whether research grants are creating jobs, and how height may affect your success.

Inventor, 89, has his eye on diamonds

By the age of 80, most people have retired. But not Zalman Shapiro, an 89-year-old inventor. He just received his 15th patent for a process that may make diamonds cheaper for jewelry and technology.
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Exploring the rational market theory

Time's Justin Fox talks with Kai Ryssdal about why so many people once believed in the rational market theory, which suggests that the stock market knows what it's doing and is always right, and what the next economic model might look like.
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Why hedge funds are starting up again

New hedge funds are opening all over the place. But with the average fund losing 20% last year and new regulations around the corner, why? Amy Scott reports.
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BBC opposes sharing license fee

The British Broadcasting Corporation may be forced to share the revenue it makes from a license fee with commercial rivals. Stephen Beard reports the BBC will fight the plan.

Who's responsible for California now?

California is broke, and the federal government has rejected the Golden State's bid for a bailout. So, what happens next? Bob Moon reports.

Are housing starts a sign of the bottom?

After a dismal April, home construction did surprisingly well in May, depending on how you look at the numbers. So is the bottom of the housing market here? Dan Grech reports.
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