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The NBA Finals start tonight, and the two arenas hosting the series are named after troubled companies. Verizon has unveiled a new data plan that will allow families to share unlimited data instead of buying separate plans -- and there's a catch. Meanwhile, political campaigns are hoping to raise money through text donations, like charities have done in the past. A new report found that people who didn't have a high school diploma actually saw a rise in their income during the recession. And reporter Stephen Beard continues his Man Walks Into a Bar series in Paris, France.

Playing the name game

The NBA finals will be played in two arenas named for a couple of less-than-stellar corporate performers.
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FEC will allow campaign donations by text

The change gives federal candidates a new way to tap into small donor networks, but questions about how much money it will bring in remain.
Posted In: campaign contributions, 2012 election

States' tax revenues soar

A new survey says states are collecting taxes at levels not seen since the recession, but many are still struggling to balance budgets.
Posted In: states, Taxes

Thieves bypass the cash register to steal hair weaves

As the price of hair extensions rises, so does theft of those goods. Bandits have started to smash into beauty salon storefronts to steal hair.
Posted In: theft, hair

A man walks into a bar... in Paris

Patrons of the Bar La Fusee in Paris offer their thoughts on the euro and the eurozone economic crisis.
Posted In: Europe debt crisis, paris, France, A man walks into a bar

Verizon Wireless shifts focus to customer data usage

Verizon Wireless plans to scrap most of its phone plans. Instead, customers will pay for their monthly data usage by the "bucket."
Posted In: Verizon, data plans

Letter: A photo is worth a thousand words

Jacques from New Jersey sent in this photograph, and talks to us about how the recession has impacted him personally.
Posted In: Unemployment, letters

Fed says downturn hit middle class hardest

Low-income earners lost less ground in recession than college-educated middle class.
Posted In: middle class

A thin line between health and unhealthy obsession

The high-tech activity gadget Fitbit helps people track their steps. But some people may take using these types of devices a step too far.
Posted In: Health, fitness

JPMorgan Chase's Jamie Dimon to testify before Senate

The CEO of JPMorgan Chase will have to explain the $2 billion loss from a few weeks ago.
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