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Amazon debuted this drone on an episode of "60 Minutes."
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Iraq's war agains internal militants is hurting its oil production, but overall production is okay. OPEC, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, hopes Saudi Arabia will keep its pumps on 11 million barrels more a day to make up for Libya and Iran. Longer-term, OPEC is still looking at a worldwide glut that could force its members to cut back. Plus, nutritionists want WIC, the program for pregnant women and mothers with small children, to stop promoting white potatoes as a vegetable. There are, like, actual vegetables that deserve more notice. Potato growers aren't amused. Also, BP has just got permission to use drones for its oil operations in Alaska- this is the first government-approved use of a drone over land in the US. Drones equal business opportunites for private companies, and the pressure on the FAA to approve the commercial use of drones is mounting. We look at who else is lining up for FAA permission to do this, from filmmakers to pizza companies.

What should your political memoir be called?

Time magazine made a memoir title generator to help.
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Deutsche Post Tests Deliveries With Drones

Why florists, farmers and beer brewers want drones

BP was granted the first approved use of drones over land. Now, who's next?
Posted In: drones, commercial drones

Potatoes fight to get on the WIC nutrition list

Potato growers want the WIC program to include potatoes as an approved vegetable.
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Oil Production

How big is Iraq's oil industry now?

Iraq's oil production was booming before a pipeline to Turkey was bombed.
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Coca-Cola ventures again into U.K. waters

After a flop with Dasani bottled water in the U.K., Coca Cola is returning there.
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The biggest match in the World Cup: Nike vs. Adidas

The World Cup is a rare opportunity to market products to the entire world.
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American Idol

Two ways to leave TV

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