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LIBOR is back in the headlines. Do we really have to care? (The answer is 'yes', and we'll tell you why). Also, the Twinkie is back. The new owners of the Hostess company has started to manufacture the pastry again, but with fewer operating costs. What's the economic recipe for the new Twinkie?

A zombie housing development comes back to life

Many housing developments were mothballed when the housing bubble burst several years ago. In states like California, they're being reanimated as demand for new houses increases.
Posted In: Housing, california, development

Surprise! Namibia's economics aren't the same as Laos'

Developing nations haven't weathered the 2008 financial in the same way. One author says we should stop pretending they have.
Posted In: emerging markets

Turning junk metal into a livelihood

In cities like Milwaukee, where unemployment hovers around 10 percent, scrapping for junk metal has become a way to earn a living.
Posted In: Junk, metal, scrapping

Parisian skyscrapers raise sky-high concerns

Lifted ban on high rise office towers in Paris has created a building boom and controversy in the city of light.
Posted In: architecture, skyscraper, paris

Everything you need to know about LIBOR but were afraid to ask

LIBOR is back in the headlines. How does today's news impact me?
Posted In: LIBOR, libor scandal

Twinkies are back: And last longer?

Twinkie is back in business after a big slim down — cheaper wages, fewer benefits, and other cost-cutting measures.
Posted In: Twinkies, Hostess, private equity

Is Jay-Z's 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' just a big data mine?

Samsung came up with what seemed like a cool promotion: give away a million copies of Jay-Z’s new album. But how it handled the giveaway got it the wrong kind of publicity.
Posted In: Jay-Z, samsung, Magna Carta Holy Grail

Recreating the feeling of Starbucks, without the high-priced coffee

A new website can help -- it lets you stream the sound of a local coffee shop to wherever you are
Posted In: coffee

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