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The Internship
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After a blaze of success that propelled it into going public, the Crumbs cupcake company is going out of business. We look at the object lessons that other one-product businesses might take from the Crumbs saga. Plus, a new report looks at grads who came out in the early days of the recession and concludes they’ve done just fine. They have, but only because they got in before things really hit the fan. We look behind the numbers. Also, seems Silicon Valley interns get paid a lot of money. Like, six grand a month, in some cases. What do they do to make that kind of cash, and why would any company want to pay an intern that much? We report.  
Graduating Harvard University Law School students wave gavels in celebration of commencement ceremonies in 2008 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Just how bad was it to graduate into the recession?

A new report says the Class of 2008 got out of school in the nick of time
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Top Shelf Cannabis

Berkeley, California wants to sell marijuana too

California wants in on the marijuana market.
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The Internship

How to make $7k a month at your high school internship

What are Silicon Valley interns doing to be making 5 to 7 grand a month?
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Older workers struggle for cred in new economy

Workers over 55 are less likely to be laid off but more likely to stay unemployed.
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The happy accident that changed squirt guns forever

Lonnie Johnson dreamed of inventing, but never knew he'd be famous for a toy.
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A Stock Trader

Economy is booming... for now

Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal talks to New York Times's Neil Irwin about his recent piece "Welcome to the Everything Boom, or Maybe the Everything Bubble."
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