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California lawmakers passed a Homeowners Bill of Rights to help with foreclosure relief. A tobacco tax tacked onto a transportation bill now puts smaller tobacco stores under the same rules as Big Tobacco. The City of Niagara Falls has a new incentive to boost population -- paying off student loans for young people who move there. The Weather Channel has bought The Weather Underground, a crowdsourcing site for weather enthusiasts. New York bureau chief Heidi Moore explains LIBOR and Bob Diamond's resignation as CEO of Barclays. And Wealth & Poverty reporter Krissy Clark takes a closer look at what "all men created equal" meant at the time the Declaration of Independence was being written.

Are you spending your 4th of July differently this year?

Is the bad economy or the bad weather going to affect your holiday plans this year? Let us know.
Posted In: 4th of July

Why Americans should care about LIBOR and Barclays

Every American bank is involved in the investigation looking into whether Barclays engaged in a type of price fixing on a key global interest rate.
Posted In: Barclays, LIBOR

The angels of Silicon Valley

Angel investors fund the very early stages of startups, looking to get in early on the next big thing. A lot of angel money ends up going down the drain, but that's just the price of innovation.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship, startup

So you want to be a farmer...

Thanks to a commodity boom and advanced computer technology, farming is a pretty big business these days -- for some.
Posted In: farming, farms

America's wealth gap -- in 1776

Why one founding father thought a narrow wealth divide was good for the new country.
Posted In: Thomas Jefferson, Founding Fathers, 1776, Declaration of Independence, wealth gap

Student loans as an incentive to move to Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls offers to help new residents with their student loans, the latest incentive cities have offered in efforts to revitalize themselves.
Posted In: student loan, Niagara Falls

In weather forecasting wars, opposites do attract

Cable's The Weather Channel seeks to bolster its forecasting credentials by acquiring Weather Underground, weather buffs' favorite source for learning which way the wind blows.
Posted In: Mergers and Acquisitions, Weather Channel, Weather Underground

Tobacco tax tucked into transportation bill

A change in federal rules makes so-called "roll your own" cigarette shops subject to the same taxes and regulations as larger cigarette makers.
Posted In: tobacco

Banks facing new restrictions on foreclosures

The California state legislature passed a law yesterday that sponsors are calling a "Homeowners Bill of Rights." Supporters say the changes will prevent unnecessary foreclosures.
Posted In: Housing, foreclosure, california

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