Marketplace for Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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U.K. biz study uncovers slavery profits

A small team of researchers with the University College London is making a list of every British company that had historic links with the slave trade. The team has already made a couple of uncomfortable discoveries. Stephen Beard reports.

House needs a redo on climate bill

Will the cap-and-trade system reverse climate change or create corporate welfare? Commentator Glenn Hubbard thinks the House made a fatal error in its proposed climate change bill and should go back to the drawing board.

High oil prices are good for U.S. culture

Fluctuating gas prices haven't caused too much change in the way we view energy. But if gas prices rise to $6, $10, or $12 per gallon, author Chris Steiner says the effects would change everything from the way we drive to how we shop.
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BABs may ignite stalled bond market

The name of the Build America Bonds (BAB) program implies that it's all about building roads and schools and things that ordinary taxpayers use. Shaky insurers have stalled the bond market, but government-backed Build America Bonds can help. Sally Herships reports.
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Will TARP cost taxpayers $23.7 trillion?

TARP watchdog Neil Barofsky estimates that the $700 billion stimulus could end up costing taxpayers $23.7 trillion in the long run. But response from lawmakers, bankers and bloggers have been skeptical of his massive estimate. Steve Henn reports.
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Wall Street poker faces hiding humility?

President Obama thinks the masters of the financial universe lack humility. That may or may not be the case, but observers say few Wall Streeters will ever show remorse. It's not how the game is played. Jeremy Hobson reports.

Proposed Calif. budget slashes services

California lawmakers have reached a tentative agreement on the state budget with colossal cuts to school programs and children's medical care. Lots of smaller programs and services would also get the axe. Jeff Tyler reports.

Fed chief says inflation will be tamed

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake claims he has a strategy to keep inflation under control as recovery from the recession takes hold. John Dimsdale reports.

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