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Why you should care about Basel III and obscure banking rules.

Affordable Care Act mandate delayed

The Obama administration announces the employer mandate in the Affordable Care Act will be delayed by a year.
Posted In: Obamacare, Affordable Care Act, health care reform

Dunkin' Donuts goes after the Starbucks formula

In the past, Dunkin' Donuts put out aggressive ads against coffee competitor Starbucks. Now, it's following its lead.
Posted In: Dunkin' Donuts, starbucks, coffee

A hot job? A/C repair during a heat wave

The heat continues to bear down on the Southwest United States. One business that is booming: air conditioner repair.
Posted In: Heat, heat waves, air conditioning

Egyptian protests aren't all bad for business

Protests began on Sunday, resulting in a virtual shutdown of many local businesses for the third straight day.
Posted In: Egypt, Cairo

Why rising interest rates make the bond market crazy

You hear it again and again as if it's a natural law: "bond prices decline inversely as interest rates rise." Here's why they do.
Posted In: bonds, interest rates

Good hack, bad hack: A cybersecurity camp teaches the ethics of hacking

Engineers like to take things apart to learn how they work. When applied to computer networks, the urge can increasingly get young techies in trouble.
Posted In: hacking, hackers, hacktivism, cybersecurity

If at first you don't succeed, try Bitcoin

The Winklevoss twins of Facebook fame are pitching an investment fund for Bitcoin.
Posted In: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Winklevoss, bitcoin

Baby, it's grand: The piano business

Steinway Musical Instruments, which has been in business for 160 years, has agreed to be bought by Kohlberg for about $438 million.
Posted In: Music

After you read this, you will care about Basel III

The Federal Reserve just approved final regulations to implement Basel III financial rules in the U.S. You should care.
Posted In: Basel III, banking rules, dodd-frank, Banks

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