Marketplace for Tuesday July 15, 2014

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Congress appears headed toward a temporary spending bill to keep the Highway Trust Fund from going broke next month. Lawmakers have been unable to agree on a long-term funding mechanism for repairing and upgrading the national infrastructure. Plus: AbbVie has at last managed to snare Irish pharma company Shire. The merger isn’t about new markets or cool technology - it’s about cutting taxes, using a so-called corporate inversion. We explain what an inversion is, and explore the pros and cons of this strategy. Finally, what to do with a comic-book character who sprang to life as a perpetual teen-ager 73 years ago? Project him into the future. Make him a zombie. Tomorrow, kill Archie.     

Life as a remover

It takes a certain temperament to move corpses to funeral homes for a living.
Posted In: memoirs, death
Archie Andrews takes a bullet

Killing Archie, to keep his brand healthy

There are many Archies loose in the world.
Posted In: cartoon, comic books, future

Corporate inversion: an expensive way to save on taxes

Abbvie will pay $53 billion to buy Shire, with a view to cutting its tax burden.
Posted In: corporate inversion, Mergers and Acquisitions, Taxes

If California were divided into six states...

In which direct democracy shoots itself in the foot.
Posted In: california, Silicon Valley, ballot initiatives

'Stopgap' government frustrates feds and businesses

Governing by crisis makes the federal government wasteful and inefficient.
Posted In: Economy, government spending, funding

China's fight for cleaner air

“China’s growth model is based on the idea that natural resources are free."
Posted In: air pollution, smog, Beijing, China

Laughing in Hollywood just got cheaper

The cost of making a comedy film in Hollywood has dropped about 50%
Posted In: hollywood, box office

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