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In the latest installment of Freakonomics Radio, Steven Levitt explains how bribes might actually get kids to do better in school. Neiman Marcus and Target are collaborating on a new collection. An upcoming court case may change whether you have to pay the fee to swipe your card for a purchase. An American tourist company in Paris is offering guided tours through historical places for African Americans. Commentator Justin Wolfers explains the competing narratives in this year's election. And we look at the tiny news stories that are packing a big punch.

Sitting for hours a day can shorten your life

A new study says even if you exercise regularly, sitting for three hours or more can take years off your life.
Posted In: standing desk

Shoppers may pay fees for using plastic

Retailers hoping to offset fees they pay to Visa and MasterCard may soon be able to charge shoppers for paying with plastic instead of cash.
Posted In: Credit Cards, debit cards, fees

Blackberry meets its shareholders

At Research in Motion's annual meeting, it was a mix of bad news and turnaround talk.
Posted In: Blackberry, Research in Motion, cell phones

Good economy, bad economy: Both candidates are right

President Obama and Mitt Romney have different takes on the economy. Commentator Justin Wolfers says they're both right.
Posted In: Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, 2012 election

Neiman Marcus and Target will sell the same thing

The high-end and lower-end retailers team up to sell the same designer items at the same prices at both stores. Why? We ask innovative consultant, Debra Kaye.
Posted In: Target, neiman marcus, Retail

A roundup of the 'micro' news

Small apartments and even smaller CEO tenures make for a "micro" news day.
Posted In: chevrolet, Duke Energy, New York City, Google, Progress Energy

Tour guide connects Paris and black America

Tour groups like the Black Paris Tour highlight the shared history of Paris and black America, which stretches back to the 18th century when freed slaves and persecuted blacks sought refuge, art and culture in France.
Posted In: paris, tourism, black history

Bribing kids to do well in school

And not just promising them a reward. You have to give it to them upfront. Freakonomics' Steven Levitt on how that works.
Posted In: bribery, Education

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