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Several government agencies are making worried noises about the number of HELOCs that will come due in the next two years. These balloon payments that result from “end of the draw”, when a line of credit matures, could put a great deal of stress on the economy. We explain what end of the draw is, and why it could be a problem for the US. Also, Yahoo is saving the cult sitcom "Community", by announcing it will pay for the show's sixth season. We look at how "Community" fits in to Yahoo's plans to be a content provider and its ability to compete in this area.

Aereo's competitors are itching to take its place

Mark Ely of Simple.TV talks about his company's game plan.
Posted In: Aereo, streaming tv, television

Yahoo gives 'Community' an online home

How 'Community' fits in to Yahoo's plans to be a content provider.
Posted In: Community (TV Series), Yahoo, television, streaming tv
Cognitive Computing

Would you eat computer food? Because Watson's cooking

Supercomputer Watson is now programmed to create recipes. Weird, maybe tasty ones.
Posted In: IBM, Food, Watson, recipes

As banks prepare for end of draw, consumers should too

HELOCs are coming due in the next two years - and the economy should take heed.
Posted In: home equity, mortgage, credit

What you need to know about charter schools

They're public schools, funded by taxpayers, but they don't go by the usual book
Posted In: charter schools, Minnesota

Musicians protest movie studios recording overseas

Professional musicians in the Los Angeles aren't happy.
Posted In: Lionsgate, film industry, musician

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